What to do with Dream of Zombie Apocalypse quest in Sims Freeplay

Many people have dreams about the zombie apocalypse at night, though not usually so willingly or at will.

The Sims Freeplay! If you’re raising a Sim with a geeky personality, you can actually use what would be a nightmare for most people (except for zombie enthusiasts, of course) as percentage towards achieving their Life Dream.

If you’ve raised an adult geeky Sim, you can have them perform the Life Dream Task of ‘Dream of Zombie Apocalypse’ by clicking on their bed and choosing the action from the options that are available. Simple, like using The Sims Freeplay money cheats in 2016!

Now, here’s a few basic facts and figures about what the Life Dream Task will contribute to your Sim’s overall Life Dream, assuming that you’re using a 3-star item, and how long the Task will take to complete.

Dream of Zombie Apocalypse – 3 hours, 12 minutes

Life Dream Completion: 1.65% (0.516% per hour)

Bare in mind too, that the cheaper your Sim’s bed, the better – Life Points are based on how long the task takes to complete. So there you go, feel free to have your Sim dream of the Zombie Apocalypse every night and dream their way to their Life Dream!

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