The Absolute Best Tablets of 2013

It’s nearly summer vacation, and that means its tablet-buying season. Of course your kids or your spouse wants a tablet, because it is a very fun gadget to have. Surely you want a tablet for yourself as well, because you can get a lot of your office work done on a tablet while you roam around Hawaii with your family. Whatever the case, you are looking for a tablet, and the following brands should be the only ones you should consider buying, as they are the best of 2013.

Apple iPad Air
iPad-AirOh, what a beauty this tablet has turned out to be. When Apple first launched the iPad, everyone loved it, because it was affordable and the first of its kind. But then, with the iPad 2, 3, 4 and so on, Apple has continuously disappointed its customers because it just could not top what it had already created.

But the iPad Air is an entirely different story. The gorgeous body, the beautiful 9.7” Retina touchscreen, the super-fast 64-bit processor (iPad is the first tablet to have the 64-bit processor technology in it), 16GB RAM, and over 10 hours of battery life, the iPad stands tall at the price tag of $499 (the 16GB version, which is the cheapest one).

Google Nexus 10
Of course, who knows the tablet market better than Google, the company that invented the world-famous and pervasively-used Android OS? With the new Nexus 10 sporting the latest Android 4.4 KitKat upgrade, Google has unleashed a beast into the market to tackle Apple’s iPad Air head-on.

The Nexus 10 sports a 10” Corning® Gorilla® Glass 2 touchscreen that has a resolution of 300 ppi (pixels per inch). With a Dual-Core A15 CPU, and 2GB of RAM, and 16GB/32GB disk space is unparalleled in Android tablets. Even though the Nexus 10 falls short against the much powerful iPad Air, users have had similar experience of performance with both the devices. The matter of fact is, Android does not need as powerful specs as OS on Apple devices does. Plus, at the price of $399 (16GB version), the Nexus 10 is a steal.

Microsoft Surface Pro 2Microsoft Surface Pro 2
The deal with the Surface Pro 2 is that it is a complete PC. Really, it has Windows 8.1, so you are not getting a customized, mobilized version of Windows in this tablet like you would with other small Windows gadgets. While for kids the Surface Pro 2 is the most boring tablet on the planet, for working individuals, it is the best thing the field of technology has come up with.

A fun feature that is distinct to the Surface Pro 2 is its compatibility with Type Cover 2, a technology invented by Microsoft which places a Bluetooth keyboard on the cover which is supposed to protect the screen of your tablet. This extremely light-weight cover not only protects the screen but also ensures that you have a keyboard at your disposal at all times.

With Windows 8.1 and pre-installed Office 365, you can perform almost all of your office functions on this little tablet. With a 16:9 widescreen, quad-core processor, 4GB-8GB RAM, and 64GB disk space on the base model, the Surface Pro 2 is on the market at an extravagant $899 for the 64 GB version. I think with the price tag it becomes evident that Microsoft intends to target the business-class with this bad boy.

Sony Xperia Tablet ZSony Xperia Tablet Z
This tablet is surely out to get the Nexus 10 model, as it also boasts Google’s Android operating system platform. The Xperia Z has certain advantages over Nexus 10, so if these suit your taste, you should go for Xperia Z tablet instead of Nexus 10.

Even though Xperia Z Tablet also provides you with a 10” touchscreen display to work with, it is entirely dust and water resistant (IP55 and IP57 respectively). The tablet is powered by a 1.5 GHz quad core Snapdragon processor, with 2GB RAM, which is just enough to take care of Android OS.

But perhaps the most impressive and distinctive feature of Xperia is the display. Sony places a Mobile BRAVIA® Engine 2 on its tablet’s display, which makes it present media in the crispest quality. Combine all this with the price tag of $499 and you’ve got yourself a great tablet.

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