Power of Atomic Weapons and Their Impact on Our World

In being aware of the dangerous effects of atomic weapons, one would think that atomic weapons are really powerful. They are immensely destructive and the World War II could attest to that. Hiroshima and Nagasaki was extremely left to dust and pieces after the two atomic bombs were dropped there. Thousands were killed from the blast and radiation poisoning.

Soon, with the Cold War that was developing, there was the challenge between the USSR and USA’s atomic weaponry development. Perhaps nuclear bomb development reached its peak when Tsar Bomba of Russia created the behemoth bomb. It was 3,333 times stronger than the bomb dropped in Hiroshima.

Nowadays, an increasing number of people are speaking out against atomic weapons in being aware of the dangers that they pose. However, there are also some who still favor them, but not when used as weapons. They believe that atomic power is an effective means of generating electricity. But in reality, such practice is really a gray area. Some people think that the mere possession of nuclear power would mean access to nuclear weapons as well.

With knowledge on what atomic weapons are capable of doing, and the countries that currently have atomic facilities right now, more and more people are fearing the terroristic implications of such atomic practices. As of the moment, France, India, and China were already able to piece together a bunch of nuclear weapons from the fuel taken from the “peaceful research reactors”. Rumors were that Iraq and North Korea have already started as well but the situation was controlled through military intervention.

If we come to think of it, the mere possession of a nuclear facility could be a threat to peace as it proliferates the idea that nuclear weapons could be produced for terrorism. One would never really know what the nuclear research facilities are just merely generating energy. In an attempt to control the situation, international agreements have been made to monitor nuclear facilities. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) handles this but unfortunately, not all countries have signed up for this board to do inspections. Even the IAEA admits that even for the countries they make inspections in, they can never really scrutinize well whether reactors are solely used for commercial purposes or to produce weapons.

Ultimately, setting up atomic weapons is easy nowadays if terrorists tie-up with their connections in the government of countries where nuclear energy is available. Let us just hope that most of the countries still use majority of their nuclear facilities for producing energy and not for developing dangerous and life threatening warfare weapons. Today, the last thing we would need is a war and we can only hope that the leaders of our country would hope for the same.

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