Horrors of Nuclear War

A nuclear war occurs when nuclear weapons are made use by countries in conflict to fight each other. As of the time being there is no record of a nuclear war yet and we can only hope that it stays that way for a nuclear war could be very destructive in a global level. Allow us to enlighten you with the horrors that could happen in case a nuclear war takes place. The effects could be divided into two: direct and indirect.

nuclear-war-horrorsDirect effects are further divided into two: blast damage and thermal radiation. Blast damage mostly affects buildings. The blast waves are primarily the ones that weaken structures. These forces are a lot more stronger than typical hurricanes. These blast damages have a different immense effect on or bodies as well. Pressure through the tissues may damage the lungs and the abdomen due to hemorrhaging and air embolisms. Even the eardrums are extremely damaged due to the blast damage.

Meanwhile, thermal radiation is also a byproduct of nuclear weapons. These are infrared, ultraviolet and visible light known as “flash”. Thermal radiation may primarily cause fire in different places. Burns and eye injuries result under extreme exposure to these in the case of the human body. Two types of eye injuries may occur: flash blindness and retinal burn. Flash blindness happens due to the brilliant display of light upon nuclear detonation. Temporary blindness due to visual pigment damage lasts for up to 40 minutes. On the other hand, there is the retinal burn which is permanent. This happens when the fireball is in the individual’s field of vision and this could cause scarring on the retina.

There are also the indirect effects. The electromagnetic pulse produced from the explosion may destroy electronics that are unshielded. Also, radio traffic is disrupted as the ionosphere is affected by the explosion. Another byproduct of a nuclear explosion is the ionizing radiation. Exposure to this renders a lot of substances radioactive and thus, dangerous. Finally, an indirect effect would be an earthquake due to the pressure exerted in the ground. The faults could be moved and may cause a minor earthquake.

In summary, the effects of a nuclear war are really devastating and dangerous. Let us not home that one occurs anytime soon. With the technology that different countries have now, we can never tell whether some countries are already developing nuclear weapons. Yes, some countries do nuclear research and may possess small-scale nuclear weapons but one can only hope they would not develop it further and use it as a weapon in case a war takes place.

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