Countering Clash Royale’s Pay to Win Game Mechanism with Online Generators

Clash Royale, created by SuperCell, is quickly rising through the charts to become a very popular mobile game. The game is an easy to pick up and play, and even the novices are jumping on its bandwagon and enjoy playing the game instantly. It also is deeply strategic game, requiring hours of preparations and grinding to level up your cards to compete in high level arenas.

Due to game being a freemium model, it has gained a lot of popularity quickly. Of course, knowing the developers behind Clash of Clans, we all knew that the game will be heavily focused on premium resources to succeed. Clash Royale is no different than CoC in this regard and the game is already plagued with players who have achieved high ranks by buying their way to the top.

In the early games, it is practically not possible to beat people who have purchased ton of gems to get a head start. Getting killed by people who has the same cards but higher tiers just because they bought the gems is not fun at all. Farming gems take a long time and it is a grueling process if you want to get to the high competition level. Also with the randomness of the chest rewards, there is really no reliable way to earn the gems easily.

This is now countered by the release of hack tools like Clash royale gem generator online. Although frowned upon due to being a cheater’s tool, online tools like this have become widespread for players wanting to compete with pay-to-win players.

Chests tend to be the primary source of gems for many players but its randomness and luck factor is well documented. Silver chests that can yield gems has a 3 hour open timer, which you have to time perfectly to maximize the gem acquisition. With the limitation being imposed on how many chests you can open per day, there is an artificial cap on how much gems you can actually get.

So you can conclude that it is practically impossible for average Clash Royale players to be on an even ground with people who chose to buy their way to the top. SuperCell has addressed the imbalances in this matter and they have promised to even out the playing field by putting more importance on the skills of the player. However, this was also promised on Clash of Clans and look where that game is at now: another pay to win game plagued heavy favors to people who can afford to purchase gems.

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