Cool New Disney Characters are Out for Crossy Road

Crossy Road has a lot of unknown mystery characters that a player could unlock. All characters can be obtained through the playing but there are others with unknown identities and might still need to be unlocked. Below is a guide on how you could unlock such secret characters with Disney Crossy Road hack tool.

Hipster Whale: The Hipster Whale is the own mascot of the game developer. This whale is rare but it can be seen amongst the logs in a stream. Upon seeing this whale, jump on and off of it. From there, you have the choice to end the game or keep playing if you want. Upon finishing the stage, the Hipster Whale could be unlocked and would be available for your next adventure.

Gifty: Gifty looks like a Christmas present jumping around with its two feet. Before being able to use this, you should already have the Festive Chicken. In case you still haven’t obtained the free Festive Chicken last Christmas season, purchase it first and play using it. Just like the Penguin, the grounds become snowy with the Festive Chicken.

Once you get to a big square clearing, you will see a Christmas tree in it. At first, it could look like a simple pine tree but it has a star coming out of it with flashes and music. Jump to the tree and collect the coins popping around it. When you finish this stage, you would then see Gifty being unlocked.

Drop Bear: This character is perhaps the easiest one to get. Play as one of the Australian animals first and at some point, you would see a blueberry-colored bear in a tree. Just jump towards this tree until the Drop Bear kills you. Soon, you would see this character in your character select screen window.

Crab: There is only one way to obtain this character and that is to use an Australian character as well at first. When you are on top of the sand, move side to side for a lot of times, just be careful that the eagle won’t take you away. Perhaps it would work if you move side by side for 100 times or so. There is no assurance to this so you may want to pick a different character for your next tries.

Ben Weatherall: Make sure you score well with the Dark Lord. Ben Weatherall is basically a developer of the game and you way think, why the Dark Lord? Well, it is Ben Weatherall’s favorite character after all.

Andy Sum: To unlock him, you need to score well with the Mallard who is then, again, Andy Sum’s favorite character.

Matt Hall: Just like Ben and Andy, he is a developer of the game. His favorite character is the Lucky Cat where you need to score high as well.
Basically, scoring high means earning 150 points in just one shot or scoring plus 50 on top of your highest score. So get up and get ready to obtain these secret characters!

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