Best Post-Apocalyptic Games for Android

The post-apocalyptic games for android are set during a period of destruction. Some are either in a post-nuclear world or in a zombie world. They also have a war set-up that has some minimum demands. The games further portray the grim picture that post-apocalyptic worlds reveal. They are set in a world in ruins with good graphics and an interesting story line.

Here are our list of the best mobile games set in post apocalyptic era:


This game is based at a time when the world is destroyed. The player is the lone human being. The player is also perched at the peak of a mountain. Death is unavoidable in Ziggurat. What is key is survival. The player fights to survive as long as possible.

The Walking Dead

The “Walking Dead” is a zombie escapade. It is set at the end of the world. It is a fantastic game that gives the player a number of options. Every decision has consequences. The zombies make great pets and add fun to the game.

Apocalypse Max

“Apocalypse Max” is a post-apocalyptic game. During the game, Max is on a mission to put the world right. This game includes killings and guns. The game is not different from what you would expect from a war game. It includes fights in order to preserve life.


Bastion is set after a calamity. The catastrophe breaks the world into a number of floating pieces. The player acts as a kid who fixes the world. There are a number of survivors but the world takes time and effort to fix. There is no time for relief in this game.

Tokyo Jungle Mobile

“Tokyo Jungle Mobile” is a PlayStation mobile game where all human beings are dead. The cities are full of trees and wild animals. The player is one of the animals and he needs to defeat stronger animals. The player also has to feed the weaker animals and champion their rights.

The Silent Age

“The Silent Age” has a unique setup. Joe, in the game, is a free spirit. His life is simple and normal. He then discovers a time-travelling device that propels one to a world that is 40 years ahead. The new world has a post-apocalyptic setup. This game allows the player to jump from one world to the next to save human life from extermination.


The Amanita Design group is the origins of the “Machinarium” game. This game is based in a world where human beings do not exist. The robots rule in this world. It has metallic cities and a number of other steel plated items. The robots have a normal life. There is dramas and battle in this game.

The World Ends With You – Solo Remix

This game involves a character known as Neku. Neku wakes up in a bizarre world where he is invisible. He sees everyone in this world but they cannot see him. He does not understand why this is so. He wonders if he died and came back as a spirit. This game is involving but very entertaining.

Apoc Wars

The “Apoc Wars” game is a free game. It has some social strategy and requires the mobilization of an army. The army then attacks other armies. The game requires quick decision making. It also has the common post-apocalyptic set-up. It makes the player to feel involved and empowers them to liberate the world. It features a ruined world, emotions and actions against the outcome.

Atom Zombie Smasher

This game gets complex as one engages in it. The resources are limited and the games results in many casualties. The player has to strengthen the warriors in order to survive at this game. This game involves some strategy as well as zombie action. This game is also addictive to play and gets better with more trials.

These games form good instances of the post-apocalyptic games. Their setting is in the post-apocalyptic period and so is the genre. A majority of post-apocalyptic games are zombie games. Some of them are however nuclear apocalypse. All in all, these games put the player in a set-up where the world is in destruction. They create a struggle for survival.

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