Apple’s iPad

250px-IPad_AirThe iPad, developed and introduced by Apple Inc, is a tablet computer. The first version of the iPad was released on April 3, 2010. The iPad is designed around a user interface, which features a multi-touch screen and virtual keyboard. Each iPad is featured with a built-in WiFi service that allows users to access internet from hotspots and on some models, cellular data. Since its release in 2010, there have been over 170 million iPad sold across the world.

The iPad has endless user functionalities. Basic functions of the iPad are playing music, taking photos, shooting video, and browsing the internet. With the help of apps, the functionality has increased to a seemingly endless array of uses, such as making music, playing games, and GPS navigation. A variety of apps can be found and purchased in the Apple App Store. As of October 2013, over 475,000 apps are for sale in the app store. These apps have been made by Apple Inc and by third party developers.

In addition to the normal sized iPad, a smaller version was released known as the iPad Mini. It features a reduced-sized screen of 7.9 inches with similar internal processors to the iPad 2. In addition, it also features Retina Display, the Lightening connector, and the Apple M7 processor.

ipad-bizReaction to the announcement of the iPad was mixed. Some criticized the lack of wireless sync that other portable devices had featured for many years. However, the reviews and reactions were generally positive. Many praised Apple Inc for selling the iPad at a cheaper price point than what was expected. Others were impressed with the usability of the iPad with the addition of the software and applications. Some people called the iPad the “laptop killer” while others said it surpassed their expectations. One of the main winning features of the iPad is the quantity and quality of the applications available.

The iPad has become a staple in a variety of sectors. Many schools and education systems are requiring students to have an iPad, and some are even providing this for the students. Families who prefer to homeschool their children have seen it as a powerful tool. The iPad has been recognized and praised as a revolutionary tool to help children with learning disabilities speak and socialize more easily. In healthcare, the devices have been used to help hospitals manage information, such as their supply chain.

Musicians were quick to pick up on the convenience and power of the iPad. Many music-making apps have been developed, including virtual synthesizers, sequencers, and guitar and voice effects processors. In fact, the band Gorillaz created an entire album on the iPad, known as The Fall. Some music videos are even exclusively filmed on the iPad.

Many people also use their iPad as a television, with many apps such as Netflix and Hulu becoming available to watch on the device. The iPad has also become a powerful presentation tool for many businesses.

While it is a relatively new invention, the iPad has already been recognized as a revolutionary device and was named one of the best inventions of 2010. The impact of the iPad on the rest of the world for future generations remains to be seen.

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